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The Role of Higher Education in Transition Era of COVID-19 from Pandemic to Endemic"

A. Background

Coronavirus Disease Pandemic (COVID-19) has a devastating impact on countries in the world both in terms of economy, education to social life. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is expected that every element of society including students and lecturers will take part in responding to the transition period of COVID-19 from pandemic to endemic. The strategic role of universities, especially students as intellectuals in fighting COVID-19, one of which can be by contributing through ideas or research as outlined in the form of Scientific Articles. So that the Scientific Article Competition at the Rector of the UKI Toraja Cup 2021 this time is expected to be a place for students (accompanied by guidance lecturers) to play an active role in responding to the transition period of COVID-19 from pandemic to endemic and also later expected to provide solutions for the community.

B. Objectives

  1. An event for students to express their critical thinking in responding to the transition period of COVID-19 from pandemic to endemic
  2. Foster a high sense of concern and social responsibility for students in addressing community problems


  1. Scientific articles can be the results of research, the results of literature studies and conceptual ideas.
  2. Scientific articles are original, not plagiarism, have never been published and are not being included in other race events. 
  3. Does not contain SARA (religion discrimination) and political elements and is supported by facts and data.
  4. Scientific articles are written using systematic writing that has been determined by the committee.
  5. Articles must also be written in English.
  6. Scientific Articles contested into The Property of the Committee (Toraja Christian University of Indonesia)
  7. All forms of violations and plagiarism will be sanctioned in the form of disqualification


  1. Status as an active student of Diploma or Strata-1 from Higher Education
  2. Have a Student Id Card (KTM) 
  3. The group consists of 2 - 3 students
  4. The group is accompanied by one guidance lecturer 
  5. Each group submits 1 scientific article 
  6. Each student may only be a chairman or member of one group


  1. Follow the IEEE paper format
  2. Framework of Scientific Articles 
  • a. Title
  • b. Abstracts and keywords
  • c. Introduction
  • d. Literature and Novelty Studies
  • e. Method
  • f. Results and Discussions
  • g. Conclusions and Suggestions
  1. h. Bibliography
  • 3. Examples of Writing Format in the form of templates can be downloaded on this web page.

F. Registration

  1. Free of charge
  2. Scientific articles are submitted in soft file form with pdf format by giving file name: rektorcup2021_ukit_name Chairman of the Team_ name of Higher Education
  3. Participants register and deliver soft file scientific articles on this web page
  4. Participants are also required to submit additional documents, including scans of Student Id Cards (KTM) / Certificates as Active Students for The Chairman and Team Members with .jpg or .jpeg format. Each Student Id Card file is named in the format of : StudentIdCard_name of students _name of College 
  5. All participants who submit the manuscript will get an e-certificate

G. Selection Process

  1. Selection in the first stage will be carried out by the committee by checking the suitability of the format and plagiarism by using tools. 
  2. Scientific articles that pass the first stage of selection will be presented in the second stage selection where the scientific articles that pass will be judged by 5 judges.
  3. Participants who qualify based on the results of the jury assessment (top 5) will make a presentation video with a maximum duration of 10 minutes then uploaded to the video sharing site and send the video link to the committee.
  4. The determination of champions, runner up, and the second runner up is determined by the jury and the jury's decision is inviolable.

H. Prize : (Total Prize is $1150 USD)

  1. Champion obtains certificate and allowance
  2. Runner up obtains certificate and allowance
  3. The second runner up obtains certificate and allowance
  4. The Third runner up obtain certificate and allowance
  5. The second runner up obtains certificate and allowance

H. Schedule

1. Socialization and announcement of activities : October 18, 2021 

2. Registration and Collection of Scientific Articles : November 2021 - March 2022 

3. Top 5 Announcements : March 2022

4. Top 5 Presentation Video Collections : March 2022

5. The Winner Announcement : March 2022